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How We Can Help You?

Whether it is a brief treatment that you are looking for regarding behaviour patterns or a long-term support for some emotional issues & difficulties, at Inara Counselling you will find both. Here you will be listened to with absolutely non-judgemental attitude maintaining our genuine interest in your mental well-being at heart. Your participation and our expertise  together can just be the shining light that you need in order to see clarity, purpose and motivation in your life.

Positively deal with


  • Not fight but understand your stress
  • Develop a healthy perspective

  • Prepare yourself to deal with current & future stress issues.


Elevate From



  • Deal effectively with various symptoms.
  • Cope better with your low mood and negative thoughts.
Get control over your



  • Specific techniques to tame anxiety levels.
  • Essential skills to implement when needed.
  • Identify the initial triggers and find relief
Confidently Face



  • Work on thought distortions.
  • learn practical steps to stop the constant worry.
  • understand the disorder to better cope with each symptom as it presents itself.

Meet the founder of Inara counselling

Ayesha Ali

Professional Counselling Psychologist & the Founder

Hi, I am Ayesha. If you feel stuck with constantly feeling low,  or on the edge,  probably  feeling just not like yourself lately, or are having emotional issues and are willing to do something positive about it, please know that you do not have to  do it all alone. Why not save yourself from guessing the solutions and cut right through the chase. Take a  start that’s important for you with my help. I am a Psychotherapist & Counsellor with passion to empower and equip adolescents and adults with the right coping skills &  healthier perspectives so that they can enhance the quality of their life. Most people I have worked with have been able to bring back their lost self confidence, self esteem, and successfully learned to overcome their difficult conditions.


“I achieved a balanced state of mind.. The hope that I can change made me happy and secure.. I feel much more composed and relaxed and confident post the counselling sessions..”

– Client Testimonial

“If I have to say something about the outcome of the therapy, I must obviously state that the result was indeed unexpected. From the very first day of counselling I could perceive that something was there in this darkness which can give me a relief from this mental agony. Yes, the therapy and counselling gave me the most wanted relief from the agony and distress.  It was effective.”

-Client Testimonial

“As a result of counselling and psychotherapy service by Ms. Ayesha Ali I achieved positive attitude and I regained my self esteem.”

– Client Testimonial

“I get to acknowledge my emotions , my feelings now much better. I got to know tactics which I can resort to whenever I am in the depressing phase. I had someone who would listen about how I was feeling and help me feel good.”

-Client Testimonial