Welcome to my first blog post

Hello and Welcome to my first Blog Post !

By Inara Counselling| 02 May 21’| Mental health and self-improvement | By Ayesha Ali, Counselling Psychologist

Welcome to my new ‘Inara Counselling’ website & my first blog post! My name is Ayesha Ali, Founder of Inara Counselling, and as part of my profession, I provide non-judgemental support for adolescents and adults through counselling and Psychotherapy. I am so excited to share with you MORE of what Inara Counselling has to offer! But first I wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog, what you will be seeing more of in my posts.

   Why did I create this Blog?

Since I started getting referrals for counselling in 2019 and having started freelancing, many of my professional colleagues and friends have asked me why don’t I share my expertise with a larger audience? Why don’t I create an online space where I could share knowledge and provide a virtual platform for people enabling them to book counselling consultations from the comfort of their home, conveniently?

Well, as a Psychologist in practice and working too I could barely find time to write and learn about websites and blogging but I did realize the importance of this medium to reach out and make this service accessible to many more people than just referrals. To be honest, I, for a much longer time until now thought that writing a blog is just extra work and Counselling is all about just meeting clients one on one, that’s what matters! Well, I was wrong! After constantly being encouraged by my friends and supporters along the way, who have been very kind to genuinely advise, I have become so inspired to start a blog and create a website. I have finally understood the significance of it and especially now view it as a part of my professional duty to expand counselling service from one on one to online and make it accessible to all. Especially considering the current pandemic situation, I believe that every qualified therapist on earth must do that. Thanks to technology!;) Help is certainly not far & is just a click away!

What you will be seeing more of in my post?


Well, Psychotherapy, counselling and organization will be the main theme of my blog, but not just that as you will also be seeing many other helpful topics relevant to mental health care that are practically implementable in life and will further help you to grow psychologically and find your emotional independence. We all know that how badly this pandemic has hit us in different ways, it is very natural to sometimes require such support which gives us a glimpse into the way forward from wherever we are stuck due to either daily stressors, environmental obstacles, or simply due to a mental block. That sure is one of my intentions to enable it through this blog.  Also on some days, you will get a glimpse of the face behind Inara Counselling(i.e., me presenting something valuable hopefully) and a mixture of wit & humour ( who says psychologists are always serious!), my favourite – must-haves as self-help resources, and other interesting inspiration to follow & more. I have been into writing but I am not perfect at it. However, I am sincere in whatever  I express. I observe things and love to share reflections that are not necessarily facts ( when I will state facts I will definitely quote the link though) so there will be a mix of research-backed content for understanding mental health better and a few of my  observations as a professional psychologist  ;)) which I am sure you will find interesting to read. I hope to inspire you all and with this blog, I am looking forward to bringing you a more balanced way of living life & healthy perspectives which if implemented by anyone can positively change how they feel and behave in any situation.

There are lot of things which are not talked out specially in Indian society due to the taboo or stigma and kind of judgmental attitude that people have in general. Well, it can be due to many reasons, not being aware is definitely one of them.So, if you want to open up about mental health issues that you or anyone you know is going through and you want to reach out or even just read and learn more about the same then this is the right place. 

Are you stuck at home in the lock-down but need to talk to a professional for stress, anxiety , depression, or any other issue that’s bothering you and not allowing you to function properly at work or home? Do you want a space where you can express your mental health concerns,  are listened to with compassion and without any judgement?  You can consult a mental health expert for consultation here: Contact Us.

Have any suggestions on topics that you would like to know more about through this blog in future? Please use the comment section below and let me know!