For me, my clients are regular normal people, facing challenges at some point in life like anyone else but only more strong because they show courage by asking for help they need. Sometimes may be the intensity of a mental illness or issue that they face  can probably make them behave differently than others but in no way are they any less and I believe, they do deserve respect, and acknowledgement and not tagging or labeling  of any kind and most importantly judgement of any kind.

About Me

Hi There!

I am Ayesha , a professional counselling Psychologist with specialization in Clinical Psychology. I have 10 years of working experience in the mental health field. I work with adolescents and adults to help them manage their anxiety, depression, stress & OCD symptoms effectively and teach them to live a happier, fulfilling lives in-spite of facing these issues.

My Approach in dealing with another human being has been developed over 16 years approx., ever since I started learning Psychology in graduation. However, my therapeutic approach found its roots during my post graduation. I don’t lead you but i walk with you in your journey. My approach is largely (but not limited to) Humanistic, which states the idea that every human being has innate strength to grow and that the personality formed is a result of our striving to reach our full human potential.  I am  hopeful that my therapy sessions, will help you if you are ready to work on yourself  to achieve what you aim for and it will also enable you to acquire necessary coping tools( tailored to their needs) that you can implement to lead your own life happily and face challenges confidently. The process of Counselling & therapy can help you to grow more quickly than you ever have before.

My work experience  and intensive training and learning that I gained in the process allowed me to be more confident today in my own private practice and enabled me to be a team player in every workplace successfully where i have worked in my career. It is my clients who add up to my motivation and compel me to work harder to support them and anyone who needs help  as per the best of my capabilities.

I believe that each one of us can do better in life even with challenges. If you are ready to explore what is getting in your way of  emotional growth and what steps to take next, simply fix an appointment for yourself by calling on 9860472020, or  by sending email on [email protected].

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For health, safety and wellbeing of our clients all current and future appointments are available through secure video and on the phone. We look forward to providing excellent care and services to our clients during this challenging time.

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