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The Shining Light

what does the word “Inara” even mean?

“INARA”  from an arabic word origin means ” the shining light” and aptly describes the soul of our Counselling service. Just like  in the glittered shining light of morning sun rays one is able to see the path ahead clearly, Inara counselling at its very core attempts to be such a ray of support. It leads their way with utmost confidence, & is determined to facilitate change in a way that you become your own shining light in the process of Psychotherapy or Counselling. 

About Inara Counselling- The nonjudgemental support

So, now that you know the meaning of the word it will be easier for you to understand what Inara Counselling is all about. However let’s understand it more clearly and know more. Inara Counselling is

  • an independent private practice that provides mental health support such as counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Our expertise lies in  issues such as depression, Stress, anxiety and OCD.
  • Our extensive experience and enhanced skill that developed  overtime working with adolescents & adult population of varied socio- economic status and background only places us in the best position  to provide the much needed quality mental health support to them.
  • It is non-judgemental, unbiased and genuinely transparent with it’s clients.
  • Inara Counselling is a space that accepts you for who you are, embraces your imperfections as we believe that it only makes you human and builds upon your existing strengths only to make you feel emotionally revived, lively and in control of your life once again. 

Why it serves 17-45 years age range only?

Well, specially in Indian context, based on large number of consultations made for various issues,  this age group deals with immense pressure of expectations to handle challenges on their own in their personal as well as professional life. It has been observed that various moderate level psychological issues  begin to become worse during this age if  left ignored. Balancing both and not having that genuine or non-judgmental space along the way to vent out and find clarity does create a great deal of issue in leading lives normally. Thereby adding up to the level of mental health crisis in the world.

No human life on earth have to suffer alone as long as the help is available. Inara Counselling operates with a passion of becoming that ultimate support for such individuals and giving them confidence to begin their journey of positive change from where ever they stand now in their  life circumstances. At Inara Counselling, we see people who seek help as those who have  competencies rather than pathology.


Our Mission

protection, protect, hand

Inara Counselling is dedicated to delivering effective & quality psychotherapy/Counselling Services with integrity and respect using genuine, non-judgemental approach,  proven and efficient evidence based strategies that promote optimal mental well-being.

Our Vision

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To become a catalyst in Indian mental health care sector which  becomes a ” go to” place for not only supporting individuals but also for providing the effective training to schools and corporate. To make Inara Counselling the impact creator by bringing in positive perspective shift regarding mental illnesses or mental health in India as well as internationally.

our Values

Compassion & Hopefulness

experience & expertise

Extra Mile for right outcomes

Genuineness & Transparency

100% Nonjudgemental

Empathy & Friendliness

Commitment & growth oriented

online counselling

For health, safety and wellbeing of our clients all current and future appointments are available through secure video and on the phone. We look forward to providing excellent care and services to our clients during this challenging time.

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