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Take a pause, if you must! It’s Okay!

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So you have been working day in and day out, if you are a student you must have been occupied with planning up and catching up with academics and social life as well, whoever you are reading this now, no matter what profession or age span you are in, please note that you deserve a life to live and not just breathe. It is very human to feel overwhelmed sometimes due to our constant working schedule and no time for ourselves, or not having any “me time”. It’s Okay! It does not make you less efficient as an individual in any sense. Please understand this thing because if you do not understand this and continue thinking negatively about the way you are feeling, it will only add up to your mental exhaustion even further. In order to thrive in life you will need to take a pause. The most important step is not just this but what comes later will define the efficiency of taking this pause!

If you have been feeling low and you feel like taking a pause for some time but you don’t know where to begin, let me help you out with just simple 5 steps that will ensure that you refuel yourself well to make a fresh start again with new energy. However, there is just one  Condition i.e., you have to do the action- my dear friend. I wish I could do it for you but it’s just not how life works! no other way but to start implementing today.

The following are the 5 steps:

  1. Get comfortable at the moment no matter what!
  2. List down 5 things that you used to enjoy doing but had to leave due to your busy schedule-
  3. Attend to your physical self
  4. At work, Identify a designated space and time when you can attend to yourself alone.
  5. Doing Nothing makes sense as long as it serves your mental peace.

What are you going to pick up from these to refuel yourself? what more suggestions can you add to this? Do let me know and thanks for visiting the blog. Do share it with others if you found this useful.

Additionally, here I am sharing this freebie video and presentation with you all, hope it helps.

Click on the link below to watch my presentation and video :

Refuel yourself and achieve your goals!

Take care, Stay calm, and stay energized!